Writings to Stem your 

Existential Dread

Dread Naught but Time


"It's a strange thing to feel the ups and downs of a story well told in just a few pages. You meet the characters and engage in their stories, and just like that - they're gone. This is my first experience with flash fiction, and it won't be my last. Each of these authors found a way to connect - through fear, common enemies, the basic human condition. The only complaint that I would have is antithetical to the premise - they're too short!"

Melissa Cynova,

Author of Kitchen Table Tarot

On Writings to Stem Your Existential Dread


The Cave

This was a short story of mine that
I wrote based on a dream. As with 
all my work, it's a little dark.
Trigger warnings include: death,
loss, monster.
Genre: Fantasy/supernatural.

Other Works

Three Beans Too Many

This story was one I wrote for the New York City Short Story Writing Competition in 2016.
The genre is not one I'm comfortable with, however sometimes I need to push my boundaries
Genre: Romantic Comedy

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