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Fledgling Light

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My Story

Serena Armstrong grew up in the Southern Highlands of NSW, Australia. She has always enjoyed reading and writing, and Fledgling Light is her first full-length novel.

Looking to expand her portfolio, Serena began writing for many short story and flash fiction competitions, including New York City Midnight and the Writer's Games. The benefit of this was that she connected with a wonderful group of writers known as Scribes United and has had two of her short stories published in their first anthology as per the link below.


Writings to Stem your 

Existential Dread

Dread Naught but Time

My Books

"It's a strange thing to feel the ups and downs of a story well told in just a few pages. You meet the characters and engage in their stories, and just like that - they're gone. This is my first experience with flash fiction, and it won't be my last. Each of these authors found a way to connect - through fear, common enemies, the basic human condition. The only complaint that I would have is antithetical to the premise - they're too short!"

Melissa Cynova,

Author of Kitchen Table Tarot

On Writings to Stem Your Existential Dread


The Cave

This was a short story of mine that
I wrote based on a dream. As with 
all my work, it's a little dark.
Trigger warnings include: death,
loss, monster.
Genre: Fantasy/supernatural.

Other Works

Three Beans Too Many

This story was one I wrote for the New York City Short Story Writing Competition in 2016.
The genre is not one I'm comfortable with, however sometimes I need to push my boundaries
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Other Works
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